Nothing is as important to your business as the ability to EFFECTIVELY communicate to your prospects, your customers and your colleagues. The three communications tools featured on this page are my favorites. They are fun, powerful, affordable and effective. I highly recommend them. If you buy any of these tools through me I will be compensated. I buy and use these tools myself. I would NOT recommend them if I didn't believe in them enough to buy them!

My Virtual Business Card

At a mere $69 a year the vCard has to be one of the most remarkable business growth tool values available today. And, thanks to awesome templates, you can create your own beautiful vCard in just a few minutes.

You can completely customize every aspect of your vCard. You can add links to your most important websites. When people open your card from their smart phone they can call, text or email you with one click.

Your vCard can even present your prospects with PayPal Buy Buttons, optin forms, appointment booking, videos and much more. 

If you use a business card, having your own vCard will be a brilliant move for you. And, just by clicking one check box when buying your own vCard you can be an affiliate.

THIS MEANS everytime you share your card to promote you and your primary business you can also generate an extra income when they buy their own vCard by clicking the "Get Your vCard Now!" button on your vCard. 

Very slick and very professional. 

Get Your Own vCard Now

GetResponse eMail Marketing And More

Having tested virtually all of the major eMail marketing systems, GetResponse was a CLEAR winner for me. It is SIMPLE when most are complicated and it is affordable and has NEVER been buggy. It just works - everytime. GetResponse also provices exceptional customer support with 24/7 live chat.

**Email Marketing  **Autoresponders  **Landing Pages **1000 Contacts  **Webinars - 100 attendees  **5 Sales Funnels **5 Webinar Funnels  **Unlimited Lead Funnels  **Facebook Ads

At only $49 a month ($40 if paid yearly) it is a great value. And, if you do NOT need the webinars and not as many funnels it is only $15 a month.

Get GetResponse Now!
  • BEACON - Your Lead Magnet Solution

    This is the perfect compliment to the GetResponse eMail Marketing System.

    Previously, I have created eBooks, PDFs & Reports as "lead magnets" to encourage propsects to fillout my email optin forms.

    Having tried a wide variety of products to format my lead magnets, which can be a bit nighmarish at times, when I discovered BEACON I was stunned. It has incredible formating power and simple enough for a 3rd grader to use.

    Their template library is tremendous and the finished product will make you look like a real pro. The image to the left is my eBook lead magnet for this website.

    Having used a ton of different graphics software BEACON is by far the easiest to use if you want truly stunning results. Equally as impressive is its smooth flawless functionality.  

    Get Beacon Now!
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